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/* $Id: matrix.h,v 1.7 2002/07/18 14:59:02 ukai Exp $ */
 * matrix.h, matrix.c: Liner equation solver using LU decomposition.
 * by K.Okabe  Aug. 1999
 * You can use,copy,modify and distribute this program without any permission.

#ifndef _MATRIX_H
#include <math.h>
#include <string.h>

 * Types.

struct matrix {
    double *me;
    int dim;

struct vector {
    double *ve;
    int dim;

typedef struct matrix *Matrix;
typedef struct vector *Vector;

 * Macros.

#define M_VAL(m,i,j) ((m)->me[(i)*(m)->dim +(j)])
#define V_VAL(v,i) ((v)->ve[i])

 * Compatible macros with those in Meschach Library.

#define m_entry(m,i,j) (M_VAL(m,i,j))
#define v_entry(v,i) (V_VAL(v,i))
#define m_copy(m1,m2) (bcopy((m1)->me,(m2)->me,(m1)->dim*(m1)->dim*sizeof(double)))
#define v_free(v) ((v)=NULL)
#define m_free(m) ((m)=NULL)
#define px_free(px) ((px)=NULL)
#define m_set_val(m,i,j,x) (M_VAL(m,i,j) = (x))
#define m_add_val(m,i,j,x) (M_VAL(m,i,j) += (x))
#define v_set_val(v,i,x) (V_VAL(v,i) = (x))
#define v_add_val(v,i,x) (V_VAL(v,i) += (x))
#define m_get(r,c) (new_matrix(r))
#define v_get(n) (new_vector(n))
#define px_get(n) (New_N(int,n))
typedef struct matrix MAT;
typedef struct vector VEC;
typedef int PERM;

extern int LUfactor(Matrix, int *);
extern Matrix m_inverse(Matrix, Matrix);
extern Matrix LUinverse(Matrix, int *, Matrix);
extern int LUsolve(Matrix, int *, Vector, Vector);
extern int Lsolve(Matrix, Vector, Vector, double);
extern int Usolve(Matrix, Vector, Vector, double);
extern Matrix new_matrix(int);
extern Vector new_vector(int);

#define _MATRIX_H
#endif                        /* _MATRIX_H */

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