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#ifndef _WC_TYPES_H
#define _WC_TYPES_H

#include <Str.h>
#include <config.h>
#if defined(HAVE_STDINT_H)
# include <stdint.h>
#elif defined(HAVE_INTTYPES_H)
# include <inttypes.h>

typedef unsigned char  wc_uchar;
#if defined(HAVE_STDINT_H) || defined(HAVE_INTTYPES_H)
typedef uint8_t wc_uint8;
typedef uint16_t wc_uint16;
typedef uint32_t wc_uint32;
typedef unsigned char  wc_uint8;
typedef unsigned short wc_uint16;
typedef unsigned long  wc_uint32;

typedef wc_uint32 wc_ccs;
typedef wc_uint32 wc_ces;
typedef wc_uint32 wc_locale;
typedef wc_uchar  wc_bool;

typedef struct {
    wc_ccs ccs;
    wc_uint32 code;
} wc_wchar_t;

typedef struct {
    wc_uint16 code;
    wc_uint16 code2;
} wc_map;

typedef struct {
    wc_uint16 code;
    wc_uint16 code2;
    wc_uint16 code3;
} wc_map3;

typedef struct {
    wc_ccs       ccs;
    size_t       n;
    wc_map      *map;
    wc_wchar_t (*conv)();
} wc_table;

typedef struct {
    wc_ccs   ccs;
    wc_uchar g;
    wc_bool  init;
} wc_gset;

typedef struct {
    wc_ces    id;
    char     *name;
    char     *desc;
    wc_gset  *gset;
    wc_uchar *gset_ext;
    Str     (*conv_from)();
    void    (*push_to)();
    Str     (*char_conv)();
} wc_ces_info;

typedef struct {
    wc_ces   id;
    char    *name;
    char    *desc;
} wc_ces_list;

typedef struct {
    wc_uint8 auto_detect;     /* automatically charset detect */
    wc_bool use_combining;    /* use combining characters */
    wc_bool use_language_tag; /* use language_tags */
    wc_bool ucs_conv;         /* charset conversion using Unicode */
    wc_bool pre_conv;         /* previously charset conversion */
    wc_bool fix_width_conv;   /* not allowed conversion between different
                           width charsets */
    wc_bool use_gb12345_map;  /* use GB 12345 Unicode map instead of
                           GB 2312 Unicode map */
    wc_bool use_jisx0201;     /* use JIS X 0201 Roman instead of US_ASCII */
    wc_bool use_jisc6226;     /* use JIS C 6226:1978 instead of JIS X 0208 */
    wc_bool use_jisx0201k;    /* use JIS X 0201 Katakana */
    wc_bool use_jisx0212;     /* use JIS X 0212 */
    wc_bool use_jisx0213;     /* use JIS X 0213 */
    wc_bool strict_iso2022;   /* strict ISO 2022 */
    wc_bool gb18030_as_ucs;   /* treat 4 bytes char. of GB18030 as Unicode */
    wc_bool no_replace;       /* don't output replace character */
    wc_bool use_wide;         /* use wide characters */
} wc_option;

typedef struct {
    wc_ces_info *ces_info;
    wc_uint8     gr;
    wc_uint8     gl;
    wc_uint8     ss;
    wc_ccs       g0_ccs;
    wc_ccs       g1_ccs;
    wc_ccs       design[4];
    wc_table   **tlist;
    wc_table   **tlistw;
    int          state;
    Str          tag;
    int          ntag;
    wc_uint32    base;
    int          shift;
} wc_status;


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